Lucky Strike Lisa Wentzell

Join us at Bayside Bowl in Portland, ME on March 27th from 6-9PM for our first ever bowling tournament fundraiser!!

##Special Surfers are Superkids.

As most of you know, Scotty loves surfing!! We are so thankful for this opportunity! We have been so fortunate to meet the most amazing volunteers including the Wuerthner Family! They have become a special part of our family and we look forward to seeing them every summer! When Scotty is surfing, he is so happy! The smile on his face when he is riding a wave is priceless. And when Raul helped Scotty stand up on the board it was incredible! Please help support Special Surfers so we can continue this amazing experience every summer!

Kids and young (and some mature) adults with Special Needs. Often these are people who, in their everyday lives struggle to feel like they fit, like the world has a place for them. When they come for an evening of fun at the beach, it’s all about them. We have no rules, no expectations. We want them to have fun. That’s it. Many of their parents dream of watching their child excel at things average people take for granted. When they come to Special Surfers Night, they watch their children shine. We are families of special needs children and young adults who love to experience things in life that bring joy and excitement.

Come join us at Bayside Bowl on March 27th from 6-9 PM for a bowling tournament extravaganza!

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